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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Indie Files: Kimberly Nichole

In this edition, I'm chatting with dynamic "young soul" songtress Kimberly Nichole. During her time in Atlanta, I saw this young lady perform several times, and each time was amazing! Known for her show-stopping vocals and undeniable stage presence, Kimberly is now preparing for the release of her debut album. It seems Ms. Nichole is ready to take over the world... here are some of her thoughts:

1. Your upcoming album is entitled Kimberly Nichole and The Yellow Brick Journey. Did the imagery of The Wizard of Oz (or The Wiz) influence the sound of your album?
"Yes, the album title was inspired by one of my favorite movies The Wiz - the project encompasses songs about things you experience in life - similar to the journey Dorothy took in The Wiz - - courage, love, wisdom, confidence etc."  

2. I see that you recently opened a Twitter page. How do you feel about the Twitter phenomenon? Does it help you in stay in touch with your fans? 
"Twitter is cool - you know our generation is all about technology.  You're definitely more exposed this day in age. Twitter, Facebook, Myspace allows you to stay connected to your fans and also gain new ones.  Love it!" 

3. Seattle, Atlanta, and now New York - all these cities you've called "home". How have those distinct environments influenced you as an artist?
"All of those cities have definitely contributed to the artist I've become.  Seattle - is where I was born and raised and it basically established the foundation of me being an artist - growing up in a household that was dominated by Gospel and Soul music was a major influence but then the music of my City was that of grunge/rock - so that also influenced the artist I've become.  Atlanta was essential to my development - it's where I feel I was groomed and got my feet wet in music - gained confidence in singing/performing.  BUT New York released something completely different - the energy here is incredible - New York definitely has fueled in me something greater - a boldness.  All those cities I love dearly and have definitely played a part in the artist I've become."  

Check Kimberly Nichole's new single "Peace of Mind" 
and then visit her on myspace to let her know what you think!

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