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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Album Review: Relentless - Myshel

You see a beautiful chocolate sister on the cover, so the music must be neo-soul or something like it, right? You'd be quite wrong in this case. Myshel's carefully-crafted debut album is relentlessly (pun intended) POP. Mind you, I'm not talking the disposable "my humps and lumps" kind of pop. Myshel tackles everything from electric guitar-backed pop-rock (think Kelly Clarkson) to grand, string-accented ballads (think Celine Dion). Myshel has the vocal prowess to cover it all, but her pen is not without note either. Her Nashville-honed storytelling skills shine on songs like "Rain" and the heart-breaking "Enough". I even found a personal anthem in the rhythmic "I'll Be Back." Having personally worked with this lady and witnessed her talent first-hand, I know that her star will do nothing but rise.

Highlights: aforementioned songs, "Don't Leave Me Behind", "Still Believe In Love"

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