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Friday, August 22, 2008

Album Review: Karina - First Love

Some of you may remember that I mentioned Karina a while back in one of the very first "Who's Got A Hit?" posts. Well, here she is with her debut album First Love, and I must say, she definitely has a hit with this one. Executive producer L.A. Reid (with assist from Tricky Stewart and The-Dream) really shows off his musical expertise at combining good songs and creative teams into one cohesive body of work. First Love successfully bridges the gap between trendy radio-fare and more classic songs that would stir nostalgia if heard, say, 10 years down the road. Will you be listening to Karina 10 years down the road? I'd like to think so...

Stand-outs include:
  • "90's Baby" - produced by Warren "Oak" Felder, one of the craziest, most underrated producers in the game. This joint is high energy, fun, and age-appropriate. A great opening track.
  • "Can't Find The Words" - a nice breezy ballad. It was a free single of the week a while back on iTunes, and I could definitely see it as a radio single somewhere down the road.
  • "Slow Motion" - talented producer/writer/pianist Gordon Chambers lends his skills to this effortlessly beautiful ballad. Karina shines vocally here. This is actually the first song I ever heard from Karina, and I was immediately taken.
  • "The Love We Got" - this song just feels good, like love or something... fits the subject well.

Visit Karina here: http://www.meetkarina.net/

1 comment:

J. Dakar said...

For some reason, I'm just not into her. Guess I should at least give it a listen before I write it off completely, though, huh?