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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The J-50: My Top 50 Songs of All Time [Songs 40->31]

40) Billy Joel – And So It Goes - A musical chameleon and master of storytelling, Billy Joel is undoubtedly one of the greats. This particular song is simple, yet powerful... just words and a piano (you'll notice several of those on this list).

39) Stevie Wonder – Overjoyed - Stevie Wonder has inspired a generation of musical artists (i.e. India.Arie, Glenn Lewis, Musiq, Robin Thicke) with his musical vision. The softer side of that vision is on full display here, and sugar-sweet love rarely sounds this good.

38) Glenn Lewis – Fall Again - This song was written by Robin Thicke and Walter Afanasieff and was originally recorded by Michael Jackson for his "Invincible" album (Michael's version was later released on a boxed set). Glenn's vocals are much more believable and fit the lush, romantic mood this song creates.

37) John Mayer – Stop This Train - Life as we know it is like a one-way train, and you can't get off. This song finds John Mayer acknowledging that fact, all the while wishing that the warm moments could last just a little longer. Can you blame the guy?

36) The Police – Every Breath You Take - There's a reason why this song is still played on radio today - it's GREAT. A cynical person may see the lyrics as almost stalker-ish, but they truly represent love and dedication, and that's pretty timeless.

35) Sade – No Ordinary Love - "I gave you all the love I've got, I gave you all that I could give"... who hasn't felt that? Who hasn't felt this song?

34) Chaka Khan - Love Me Still - Chaka Khan was the '70s queen of hollering, but on this Bruce Hornsby-written ballad, she sings and emotes like I didn't even know she could. This song will stick with you once you hear it.

33) Alanis Morisette - Uninvited - From its opening of haunting piano keys, you know that this song is something special. Dark, yet expansive, Alanis brings some of her best vocal and lyrical talent to this ballad of love unrequited, or, "uninvited".

32) Brandy – When You Touch Me - Today, fans and music industry professionals alike will tell you that Brandy is a trendsetter when it comes to vocal arrangements. This song showcases some of that post "Full Moon" era arranging, while also giving old-school, "Never Say Never" Brandy a chance to just sing.

31) Damien Rice - Amie - There are boring, cliched love songs, and then there are songs like this, that are poetic and sound like a familiar, timeless melody that you've never heard before. Listen to the song, and that might make more sense. :p

See you tomorrow for songs 30 through 21... now leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

wow - what a cool range. I love how many different directions you go in...music is wonderful! Good choices.

J. Pure said...

Thank you. Stay tuned for the top 30... even more diversity in store!