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Monday, December 1, 2008

The J-50: My Top 50 Songs of All Time [Songs 50->41]

So, welcome to the J-50! This is my countdown of the songs that mean the most to me, have shaped my musical perspectives, and set the soundtrack for my life. So, let's jump in...

50) You Don't Have To Let Go - Jessica Simpson - Believe it or not, "J. Simp" makes the list with this song. She apparently (co-)wrote it for her father when she married Nick Lachey, but even without knowing that, the song takes on a lot of meaning for any loved one that has sacrificed a lot.

49) Keri Noble - Falling -This song is a beautiful, simple piano ballad that captures the moment one takes the risk to fall in love. Keri is an excellent songwriter.

48) Case - Missing You - Every time I begin to lose my faith in modern R&B, well-written, well-executed songs like this come along to restore it.

47) Lizz Wright – Vocalise/The End of The Line - Lizz Wright is a master vocalist, evocative like no other. Any cover song she does takes on new life, and this is especially the case with this Nina Simone classic.

46) Heatwave – Always and Forever - R&B classic. Songs like this will never go out of style.

45) Dido – White Flag - Dido's musical moods range from melancholy to almost exuberant, but her voice maintains a cool, sweet delivery throughout. The sweeping strings and memorable chorus of this song make it one of my favorites among her catalogue.

44) Jon B. feat Babyface – Someone To Love - Before Robin Thicke found his audience, Jon B. was the 90s poster child for "blue-eyed soul" here in the U.S. (Remy Shand held that title in Canada). Put him together with the preeminent songwriter of the 90s, and you have an instant hit, instant classic.

43) Eric Clapton – Change The World - Eric Clapton and Babyface... what! 'Nuff said.

42) Luther Vandross – So Amazing - Ain't nothin' like some "Loofa"! Rumors about his personal life aside, Mr. Vandross was definitely a great male vocalist, and he could sing love songs like no other. This is him at his best.

41) Ben Harper - Forever - Our world tends to view love as a fleeting thing, and often music reflects that. This acoustic gem is an excellent exception.

See you tomorrow for songs 40 through 31... now leave a comment!


DMG said...

You know you dig J. Simp cuz of me..

Admit it J.

J. Pure said...

It is true. I never would have heard that album if it weren't for you, bud. :)

Shannon said...

Ok, what do you know about heat wave? LOL!

J. Pure said...

You know, I know a little something about a little something. LOL

T.H. Foster said...

Nice list. Can't wait to see what's coming!

Anonymous said...

ML, here, my brother.

Nice list, man. That Jeff Buckley song was actually recommended as an MLC3 cover tune once, with a female on the lead vox. I think the Dave Matthews song is "Crash" instead of "Crush", unless he has two. Great song, though.

Now, you are going to make me go post my own fav song list. By the way, I cannot see 40-50. Help!

J. Pure said...

Yeah, two diff DMB songs... "Crash Into Me" and "Crush". Both are great! Don't know why you can't see... the last 10. That's weird. Thanks for stopping by, though. Would like to see your top 50! :)