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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Album Review: Chrisette Michele - Epiphany

Chrisette did it! No sophomore slump here! The creative synergy of executive producer (and Def Jam label-mate) Ne-yo and Ms. Michele has created Epiphany, an album which is every bit as confident and alluring as the cover. On most songs, Chrisette's voice glides simply and beautifully through melodies, building toward the jazzy riffs that she is known for. This type of controlled delivery works very well for the wide range of musical sounds that the album's producers (such as Chuck Harmony and Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins) provide. Lyrically, this album showcases a mature, young lady who knows just what she wants. If a wider fanbase and overdue acknowledgment are among the things she wants, then Epiphany will definitely get it for her.

Standouts include:
  • Notebook - young, girlish love finds a soulful voice on this ballad... "x's and o's beside your name"... cute. 
  • Blame It On Me - here, Chrisette exudes the strength and willpower that is needed to make a clean break from a bad relationship. 
  • Another One - this song finds Chrisette in sassy pop territory... top 40 radio, maybe?
  • On My Own - dedicated to her father, this song could apply to anyone who has consistently been there... the time comes when you have to stand on your own
  • Mr. Right - Lauryn Hill, maybe? Love the doo-wop feel of this one... and I'm sure the ladies will identify with the feeling. 
J-Graded: A+

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