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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Who's Got A Hit?: The Ladies of Summer - Updated

Welcome to the new blog! Now these three ladies may be familiar to a lot of you for different reasons, and they will all be hitting us with new music and upcoming albums this summer/fall. Keri Hilson (songwriter extraordinaire and Usher's "Love In This Club" video love interest) releases her official first single "Energy". Miss Effie White herself, Jennifer Hudson, finally surfaces with a new song (reportedly penned by Ne-Yo) entiteld "Spotlight". And last but not least, Destiny's Child's seeming underdog, Michelle Williams, makes a transition from contemporary gospel to Euro-pop-R&B with her new album Unexpected and her lead single "We Break The Dawn". Personally, I dig all three of these tracks (that's why I posted 'em, yo). Keri seems to have finally found a proper first single, one that plays to her genre-crossing writer's instincts while still allowing her to ride the beat like only an ATLien can. J-Hud also succeeds in straddling a fine line - she sounds beautiful and authentically soulful without screaming "I played Effie... you ARE gonna love meeeee!". Michelle apparently could care less about lines, and I like that... we need to dance sometimes, you know? But 'nuff of my yappin'... what do you guys think? Who's got a hit?

Keri Hilson - Energy (now in full!)

Jennifer Hudson - Spotlight

Michelle Williams - We Break The Dawn

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tazm02 said...

Thank you so much for posting this, it is some really good music being made. I have been waiting for Jennifer H. to make her debut and I am glad to here she is. I like Kerri's track too and can't wait til we can hear all of it. To all of the ladies, keep up the good work!