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Monday, June 16, 2008

In The Studio: With Dain And Deonna

J. Pure, Deonna Martin and Dain Harris -6/11/08

Bet you wanna know what we were doing in the studio... bet I'm gonna tell you. LOL

Deonna Martin and I have been co-writing together ("Partners In Scribe!") for some time now. One of our products, a song entitled "Where Would I Be", can be heard on her debut album Beauty Mark. More recently, we finished writing a soulful ballad called "Looking For Her" and we really wanted Dain Harris to bring his energy to the song's demo. He was gracious enough to oblige us, and there you have it! But really, there was great energy in the room during this session. We some talented folks, mayne. :)

Oh yeah, check out Dain's CD (a dual project with guitarist Brandon Thomas) For The Moment/A Soul Acoustic.

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