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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Who's Got A Hit?: The Pond-Crossers of 2008

So, on the heels of the success of Amy Winehouse and more recently Leona Lewis, 2008 is seeing its share of soulful ladies from the U.K. ready to takeover Stateside. First, we have 20-year-old Adele. Already certified platinum in the U.K., her debut CD entitled19 is slated to drop on June 10th. I really dig the first single "Chasing Pavements"... her voice is very nuanced, pretty and gritty at the same time. Plus the video is quite interesting... the concept of chasing pavements gets a very literal interpretation. Next up is Estelle, and let me tell you, if you're late jumping on her bandwagon, hitch a ride, man! She's been compared to Lauryn Hill (possibly because she dabbles in reggae, rhyming, and singing on her album Shine) amongst others, but she's uniquely (and outspokenly) herself. Check out the first single "American Boy" featuring Kanye West and tell me John Legend wasn't right for signing her to his Homeschool Records label. Lastly, there's Duffy, who has the top-selling album in the U.K. so far this year. Her brand of blue-eyed soul has garnered comparisons to Dusty Springfield and, of course, Amy Winehouse. I'm not such a big fan of her first single "Mercy" (although VH1 sure is), but her second single "Warwick Avenue" is much more my speed. So, who's got a hit?


Fame < Infamy said...

lovin the blog

Fame < Infamy said...

check mine out

J. Dakar said...

Man, I love Adele's album. I wasn't really feelin' Estele's or Duffy's, but I think I might need to give them another listen because everybody keeps talking about them.

J. Pure said...

Yeah, Adele is honestly my favorite out of the three. Her voice is so authentically soulful, a lot like Amy Winehouse.